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Chandra Services, LLC has been operating for more than eleven years providing accounting, bookkeeping and
consulting servicesto small business owners. Chandra is owned and managed by Jane Roach.

Our objective is to provide service customized to the needs of the client-not a cookie-cutter approach to
their needs. Our purpose is clear: to do what we do best, allowing the client the time, resources and peace
of mind to do what they do best.

Chandra has several small business clients at the present time. Some of its clients utilize us for all aspects
of their bookkeeping and accounting needs including financial statements, accounts payable, accounts receivable,
payroll and monthly account reconciliation. Others require only an hour per week of bank account maintenance.
Some clients have special needs such as setting up their new business entity, preparing to make retail sales,
inventory issues and the like. A few have commissioned Chandra to "clean up" their books in order to provide a
usable financial statement and a format with which to
move forward. Some simply need training as far as learning record keeping requirements for their business.

We also provide the choice to our client regarding location of their support. Approximately half of our clients prefer
that all work is done at their location; the other half provide documents and/or PC download for the work to be done
off-site, further freeing their resources.

In summary, our purpose is to provide flexible financial care to our clients, allowing them to choose the level of
service provided. Chandra Services is the "oil" that helps make your business run smoothly.